Lesser Known


This is my first interview so I tried my best it is with Spaz from Lesser Known.


What is the band's biggest influence?


" I would say that each member of the band has their own individual

influences, but as a group, we basically just write the music that WE think

is heavy. Now, in our opinion, "heavy" doesn't necessarily mean playing a

thousand beats per minute, or tuning the guitar so the strings are hanging

off. Mainly influenced from all the great metal masters, when music was

music and not just a bunch of bands ripping each other off. "


How much and how often do u guys practice?


" Usually stick to a good practice schedule, minimum of once a week for

three or four hours. Try to squeeze it in between gigs just to keep the set

nice and tight. We like to be as professional as possible in our

performing, so practicing and playing as much as possible is the name of

the game. And it's good just to hang out and shoot the shit. This band has

been together for seven years with the same members so we are pretty much

like family now. "


In all your time touring what has been your fave place to play?


" Now THIS is a tough question. We've done over 100 gigs between Detroit

and Toronto so its kind of hard to pick just one. Some of the more

memorable ones were Blondies in Detroit, where everyone from Metallica to

Death to Sacred Reich played, The Embassy in London Ontario is always cool,

El Mocambo and the Opera House in Toronto were also right on. Then you've

got like our all age hall gigs, one great one in Chatham Ontario where we

drew a crowd over 700 people, The Windsor Slam-Fests we headlined, and the

A-Stock Festival in Amherstburg Ontario. Funny thing about that A-Stock gig

was I was at a wedding that same day and showed up on stage in my tux ! I

figured hell I rented it, I'm gonna use it ! Played to over 700 people that

day and did this great stage dive into the crowd at the end of our set. It

was kickin. "


How big of a audience do u guys usually get?


" Anywhere from like 50 people to over 700, depends on where we are

playing. We like to play any gig we can get just for the experience so its

all good. "


What are all of your fave albums?


Metallica - Master of Puppets

Misfits - Walk Among Us

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Death - Leprosy

Faith No More - Angel Dust


" My list goes on and on and on ....."


What band are u guys really into right now?


The CD that's glued into my player is the new Jerry Cantrell "Boggy Depot"

- heavy mellower shit, and the new Soulfly - HEAVY HEAVY MAN !


How soon do u think till your next album?


Lesser Known will be on the road supporting Inner Beast for probably the

next 15 months. After that's said and done we'll be locking ourselves in

the jam room to write our third full length album. We have the name already

picked but I can't tell ya or else I'd have to kill ya ! Our guitar player

Cory and I have already started working on a few arrangements for the next

one, I will give you the song title on one of the first complete songs

though. It's called "Ye of Little Faith" and it's like the ultimate arena

rock song. But you'll just have to way until the new millenium to hear the



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