Allen Wrench: Vocals

Matt Naked: Lead Guitar

Trace Element: Drums

DR. Heathen Scum: Guitar

Mark Hernandez: Bass


Allen Wrench himself states them as the most important punk band. They are also my in my mind punk's solution to Greenday and ska/punk shit. They are the greatest punk band of all time. They got amazing guitar solo by Matt Naked. And their lyrics got all the rock essentials Drugs, booze, sex and Satan. With songs like I want to date a Porno Star, Godbye and can't stop getting high this album rocks all the way through. I don't usually get this excited over a punk album but this is truly the best. If you don't get this I'll come find you and kick your ass for Allen. They are one of the few who won my award for best indie band. They got a fucking 13 out of 10. Rock on smoke dope, drink booze and live fucking fast.



My Bitch is a Junky

I want to date a porno star

Kill Allen Wrench Official Website