Chad Callaway: Bass

Kevin Courtney: Drums

Kirk Callaway: Vocals

Sean Kelly: Guitar



Itís been over a year since I first reviewed them with there wicked demo entitled Dust. But finally this long awaited album, or at least long awaited by me has come. There are a few differences with this album. First the more noticeable it is a heavier. But also they got a new vocalist. Jim Davis was good, but Kirk Callaway suits them more. And it seems Jim left on good termís cause heís on the thanks list.


On Resting Place there is a total of 10 songs, with most of them over 4 minutes. The CDs running time is about an hour. When listening to the cd I enjoyed the whole thing. But the highlights of it would be " In the Name" and "Lies". On the song "Lies" it does this little acoustic riff. Then the electric guitars come in. And in "In the Name" it starts off with a little light riff then the bass and drums come in. Then when Kirk yells it get all heavy.


The cd is hard to point at where its influences come from, which is good. But I see in some songs old Metallica and Deftones(only some of singing style). This CD has a darker feel to it and shows how much Monument progressed musically and lyrically in last few years. I think they deserve another 10which is perfect.



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In the name


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