Feb 19
Well their has not been any reviews for soemtime. this wioll happen again but been busy with own band and personal probelms with school. that bout all. got any idea email me.
Dec 26
I will not be updating this site until after the new year due to the fact i got to back up shit and will be gone aswell till then
Dec 4
Well in the last few month almost nothing has happened at this site. Now I have just put in 3 new reviews. And a new section whioch will have signed bands reviewed as well. I will be thinking of much more to put in this site.Rock on dudes
July 14
Well haven't had much time at all. I've written up one review which will go up hopefully tomorrow and i got to do 2 more. I'm also starting a contest for a free Allen Wrench cd. just email me your name and address and the draw will be on August 20 I'll notifie the winner by email on that day.
June 22
Finally I got some time to put up the Allen Wrtench Review. I have a pile of tapes and cds which I will review sometime in the next few weeks. Lately I been busy with my own band learning and writing loads of shit. Well check out the allen wrench review.
May 25
Looks like i never added much. But i got a pile of tpaes and cds growing with more coming, i've never been this busy for a while. With listening to them, writing the review, then i got my 2 bands i got going as well to work with and lastly on the list school. Well here is the current list of reviews coming soon in no order particular: Kill Allen Wrench, Muffler Chump, Overmars.
March 17 1999
Hey everyone. Well lets c I'm going to add a lot more to this page i hope. Maybe some guitar tabs. Some mp3s. More reviews and interviews. I'm going to move out of indie only to underground so i can do some stuff with signed bands. Also i know of 2 cds coming my way and I've been in contact with some other bands. Well everyone rock on.
March 13 1999
Well I don't really like using the news section but as u can tell it been almost a month since i used it. I've got at least 2 cds coming to me in mail. And hopefully will write some signed underground reviews. As u may have notice u can now buy cd in Band's fav section well part of it any ways. The money I make off of people buying thouse cds is going toward or some of it towards contests and other towards my band. Also if u want to donate something email me cause i got no free money to buy stuff for contests. Also that rhinocerv contest was over long long ago so stop emailing me about it. Also can people link or promote my site so i can get few more hits. More hits more I'll add things to this. Thanks John
Feb 14 1999
Long time since i actully put something in the news. I hope to from now till when ever to have more reviews. probably with more reviews more people and other indie bands will c this site.But now I"m going to expand and review almost any metal or punk not only indie. Well spread the word about my site cause if no one comes i feel les and less that it metters, well I'm out.
August 27th 1998(1 year since I started this page)
It now has been a year since I started this page.I have done many reviews and have had good things said about it.Well there r lots of people to thank about my first year of this page.But the most importin people who helped me is the bands and Myriddin.Well there is lots more coming in the next year more reviews,maybe even selling cds.WEll thanks u to everyone who has ever been to my page.
July 8 1998
Its been a while since I last updated.Well there r 2 reviews on there way here.Also the winner of the contest which was being held a while back was Tony Allen.Well reasons why this has not been updated for a long time was because my computer was screwed and also I was preparing for my grad.Well c ya everyone.
June 7 1998
Well I just added this section since I have been bored out of my mined also maybe it will help speed up the main part loading(takes away the pointless news part on other page).Well I'll start with this, if u got a band which is some form of rock or blues email me if u want a review.Also take advantage of the CDnow links because till June 30 u get 10 bucks off on each purchase of 20 bucks or more.Well also I'm holding a contest for a Rhinocervs shirt.Also I maybe be adding more to my page other then just music.If u got ideas what i could add tell me because I have a lot of space to fill up and I don't want to keep it emipty.Well this is all for now.

John Redmon

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