Core Device "Core Device"

  • Vocals : Dan Dunphy
  • Lead and Rhythm Guitars : Patrick Kehoe
  • Rhythm Guitar : Tom Butler
  • Bass Guitar : Marty Walsh
  • Drums : Tim Protsman
  • Core Device is a very talented, but relatively unknown, heavy metal band. Dan's voice is incredible and the guitar solos leave you breathless. I especially enjoyed the drum solo at the beginning of the track "Misery."

    The only problem with this demo was that it only included four songs, and I want more. The sound quality was not so great, although that could be due to the quality of the tape that my demo was recorded on.

    Core Device should strongly consider writing more songs before they decide to record anything bigger than a four song demo, because when people hear this band, they will definately want more.

    Out of a possible 10, I give Core Device's demo an 8, because of poor sound quality and lack of songs.

    Be sure to visit Core Device's web page.

    A few sample .wavs of the band in action are here:

  • Misery

  • Silent Welcome

  • Presence

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