Monument's Interview


What do you think is the band's biggest influence?

That's difficult to say, we all have our own influences that combine to create our sound. The main influences would be oldschool metal bands like Iron Maiden, old Metallica, etc. but we're influenced by alot of new metal bands as well.


What music are you really into right now?

Nevermore, Flotsam & Jetsam, Solitude Aeturnus, the new Bruce Dickinson album and many more.


How much and how often do you practice?

We try to maintain a regular band practice schedule of 3 times per week on specified days. We find this to be best for us and other people in our lives so everyone pretty much knows when they can make plans so there aren't any surprises. If we feel we need to intensify to get ready for an event or recording we add a couple of days.


What major bands have you open up for and explain the experence of your favorate one?

Flotsam & Jetsam, Nevermore, Fates Warning, Divine Regale. The Flotsam/Nevermore was our favorite because those bands are more compatible with us and they were very cool to hang out with.


Knowing you just released a album how long do you think you will be touring to support it and when do u think we could expect a new album?

We'll be touring most of this year and try to push the album as much as possible and begin working on the next album at the end of the year, we're not going to wait 3 years this time to release another album.


What major bands do u want to open up for in the future?

Any major bands we can open for would only help us gain more exposure but we would love to open for Iron Maiden, now that would be something to brag about.


This one kinda personal, do u plan on coming to Canada anytime soon?

We would love to. If we could get the bookings we would definitely be happy to come to Canada.



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