Dark Season


Sean Hethington: All Vocals

Dave Peak: Guitar

Eddie Marsh: Bass

Ade Carloss: Guitar

Andy Wright: Drums and percussion

(Line up changed and is currently Sean Hethington: vocals, Nick Palmer: Guitars, Andy Barker: Drums. They are looking for a bass and guitar player)


This British band for sure is not some pop music trendy shit coming out of the U.K. lately. These guys are a combination of Thrash and Power metal. Their lyrics show meaning and some observations on our world. This band shows both music and lyrically brilliance. They have also got some gig experience under their belts with a 20-gig tour. This band for sure knows how to fucking rock. The whole cd rocked but if I had to pick out the highlights, they'd be Greed and Dark Season. Over all this band got a 9 and a half put of 10.


Mp3 files

Against the Grain

Dark Season

This is Your Fate


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